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8 Ball Pool Mod APK 5.9.0

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8 Ball Pool Mod APK 5.9.0

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Обзор редактора
8 ball pool is a sport game that is very suitable for casual play. The game not only supports man-machine battles, but also supports players online battles. This game allowing you to feel the charm of billiards on your mobile phone. In the game 8 ball pool, the graphic and gameplay is simple but full of fun. You can experience different games, and the game operation is simple, novices can also get started quickly, don’t worry about not know how to play. You can choose your favorite mode and level to proceed Challenge, and you can also experience different environments and ways in the game, it is a game with high playability.

8 Ball Pool takes place in realistically-themed game rooms where the player engages in competitive multiplayer matches in order to acquire pool coins which are spent on cues and other pool gear. Each game room offers different rules, prizes and entry frees but all bare in resemblance to one another. In addition, the players can accumulate experience points which are used to level up and unlock incipient game rooms, cues and other things.
Players' avatars are shown to the top left on the homescreen and, when in battle to the side of the centre. Players can set their own targets, goals and objectives deciding which achievement to pursue first; there is no specific goal in the game other than triumphing in as many matches as possible and levelling up. When in-battle, players can interact and communicate with chat packs which allow players to contact each other using set messages, some of which including good luck, well played and sorry gotta run. In April of 2014, when Miniclip released the feature, after explaining the functions of the chat packs they added a section explaining why a free chat would not be implemented. They claimed that the idea was disputed and arose and engendered controversy and in the end was not implemented; they claimed that abusive comments could disturb players and, even if such could be reported or blocked, players could still find a workaround.[10] Players can upgrade their chat packs in order to use different messages when playing; chat packs are purchased with bucks, money slips which bare in resemblance to the American dollar - bucks are used to buy premium cues and other equipment.

8 Ball Pool players represent a vast range of players from different ethnicities, cultures, nationalities and ages. The majority of players speak English to an extent. Players who speak other languages engage in tournaments and online matches with people across the rest of the world; all chat messages sent from a different language to the person they are sending it to translate to the language the person they are challenging speaks. Because of this, Miniclip has easily allowed players to communicate using a simple display of chat messages. Languages include German, French, Swedish, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Hungarian and many more; this again promotes popularity, as it caters for people all across the world. 8 Ball Pool as has its own forums, where players can communicate freelance by asking for matches, by proclaiming things and by performing many other actions.

8 ball pool Mod (long line) APK

Game rules
1.Potting the 8 ball results in immediate loss; once the player has potted all of their balls, they must pot the 8 ball.
2.Potting the cue ball allows the opposing player to move the cue ball to their own accord and leisure.
3.You are assigned to pot in a specific ball at the start of the game, depending on what variant of ball you have potted. If you potted a solid ball (a ball mostly covered in one colour) you are assigned to solids and if you pot a striped ball (a ball covered in a stripe pattern) you are assigned to pot the striped ball.
4.Hitting a different variant of a ball allows the opponent to move cue ball to their own leisure even if your own variant of ball was potted when the other ball was hit.
5.If the cue ball is potted with the 8 ball when the player is assigned to hit the 8 ball then they lose.
6.If the player hits a different variant of ball when assigned to hit the 8 ball and they pot the 8 ball they lose.

8 ball pool Mod (long line) APK

8 ball pool Mod Features
8 ball pool mod is great mod which you can extend the guide line to the billiard hole. Then you can goal each time with this mod. You will always win. Then you can get the bouns to buy new items on the shop. Although this game is easy to use. You should be careful not be banned. Now, download and install this mod game and have a try.

Информация о моде
Меню мода, длинная линия, мега -сила, все номера
Играй с друзьями! Играй с легендами! Играй в популярную игру 8 Ball Pool от Miniclip и становись лучше всех!


Совершенствуй мастерство на арене, сражайся с другими игроками в матчах один на один или участвуй в турнирах и получай трофеи и эксклюзивные кии!


Меняй облик кия и стола! За победу в каждом матче один на один ты получишь монеты. Их можно использовать для участия в более серьезных состязаниях или для покупок в магазине.


Нет ничего проще: войди в игру с помощью учетной записи Miniclip или Facebook и брось вызов друзьям прямо в игре. Соревнуйся с ними в любое время и покажи, что умеешь!


Система уровней 8 Ball Pool никогда не даст заскучать. Играй и повышай рейтинг, чтобы открыть эксклюзивные локации и сразиться с лучшими игроками.

* Для игры требуется соединение с Интернетом.

Сыграй на странице: miniclip.com/pool

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Оцени 8 Ball Pool: http://on.fb.me/Wx4f23
Оцени Miniclip: http://facebook.com/miniclip

Подпишись на нас в "Твиттере": http://twitter.com/miniclip


Узнай больше о Miniclip: http://www.miniclip.com

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