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Bugs have taken over and are feasting on the energy of your computer. You - the friendly Energy ball, want to get that power back. In order to save all the energy, you start a BUXICUTION to execute them all.

Be careful! With every of your actions, you lose some energy. Manage your resources well, because there is only a limited amount of power left.


Buxicution is a small game mady by BERO Games for the Games Off 2021 Game Jam.


©All rights reserved by BERO Games
Our privacy policy: https://pages.flycricket.io/buxicution-0/privacy.html
Our terms and conditions: https://pages.flycricket.io/buxicution-0/terms.html
Что нового
  • This is the first public release of Buxicution, so if you run into any bugs, feel free to let us know. Have fun!

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