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GUNSIM - 3D FPS Shooting Guns Mod APK 0.7.509 [Бесконечные деньги][Бесплатная покупка][премия]



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0.7.403 version update modification
1. The store mid -high version of Premium is purchased for free, and you can buy it.
2. Modify advertising for rewards.
3. The currency icon of the US dollar price in the store can increase the currency.
We have a serious problem… The dummies we use for firearms training have come to life!
There's only one way to solve this little issue... with GUNS!
They're getting strong and rising up! Join the fight now so we can defeat them!



GUNSIM is a GUN SIMulator. Collect, shoot, upgrade and customize your guns as you blast through endless levels of tactical training. Put your skills to the test and destroy the dummy army before they take over! Just when you think you're getting the upper hand, these dummies get tougher and start to multiply. You'll need to upgrade your guns and collect more so we stand a chance!

Use a wide variety of beautiful 3D weapons that sound and feel awesome to use.
Shoot all kinds of fun targets in challenging and unique levels.
Earn cash and upgrade your guns to be the absolute best!
Super easy to learn, but takes serious skill to master.
Every gun is hand crafted by firearms experts to feel like the real thing.


Featuring :

• Stunning console quality 3D Graphics
• Highly Addictive Gameplay!
• Immersive High Quality Sounds
• Insane & Intense Boss Battles!
• Huge Variety of Super Realistic Guns!
• Over 700 Unique Stages
• Awesome Targets to Blast
• 40+ Hours of Gameplay
• Fun and Challenging Game Modes
• Unique Daily Challenges
• Works 100% Off-line !


NOTE: Join us on our Discord Server to give feedback! Just hit the “i” button on the Main Menu!

© 2022 SHD Games, Inc. GUNSIM is a trademark of SHD Games, inc.
Что нового
  • • Improved the early game experience by 700%!
    • Fixed difficulty balancing. Get those SoldierBots!
    • Micro UZI improvements and pizazz.
    • Added fast re-try to Boss stages.
    • Bug Fixes & Improvements

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