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Информация о моде
Google Market $ 1.99 paid games to play free! Capture mode can be played directly, free advertising gain rewards.
Have you ever imagined what happens to the world when gravity is not always downward? In an upside-down city, walking on the walls and falling to the sky, the space is no longer limited to the flat ground, and the movement of all objects will become different. This game constructs a special gravity space. In the game, you will explore in the intricate gravity space, break the traps, solve the puzzles, and discover the path to the end.

Game Features
- exquisitely designed levels
- Hundreds of mind-blowing puzzles with hidden paths and well-designed traps
- Collect and upgrade various characters and trails
- 100% real physics
- Three different game modes
- Level mode: reach the final point of each level within a limited number of moves
- Capture mode: no limit on the number of moves, you need to capture all chickens in the shortest time
- Treasure mode: discover and collect the hidden treasures in the level
- Comfortable and relaxing music and sound
- Easy to control, fun to play
- Compete with others on the leaderboard
Что нового
  • Character and trail collection system
    Add new levels
    New mechanism props
    New treasure mode
    Achievement and ranking system
    Cloud storage data
    Operation optimization
    Camera rotation optimization
    Level tweaks

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