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Stick War: Legacy Mod APK 2022.1.3

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Stick War: Legacy Mod APK 2022.1.3

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Stick War: Legacy is a war action game based on the theme of stickman. In the game, players will go to the fierce and exciting battlefield to command your stickman warriors to fight, and there are various stickman soldiers for training in the game! In the game, players need to form their own stickman team and guide them to participate in the war. Only flexible operations can successfully defeat various enemies! Compared with similar works, "Stick War: Legacy" is not only more strategic, It also has a unique interest in the innovation of gameplay.

Game Introduction
Stick War: Legacy is a mobile game that requires operation and strategy extremely. It is definitely not a simulation game. Without operation, it will not give you the opportunity to produce troops. The 6 major arms can be strengthened and advanced, and the effect is absolutely beyond your imagination. The reasonable coordination of the lineup is the key to victory. Classic pass mode, competitive matching mode, endless zombie mode, three game modes are full of features, struggle in the zombie frenzy, you wait until the first few nights. Stick War: Legacyapk is a very fun strategy war mobile game with 1000W+ downloads on Google Store. Players can control 6 major units at the same time, strategically match the lineup, move flexibly, and have super high game operability. The brainless soldiers without operation can only kill themselves. To win the war, this battlefield needs you!

Stick War: Legacy Mod  APK

Game Background
In a world called Inamorta, you are surrounded by many countries with distinct characteristics, they are devoted to researching the technology of their respective countries, intending to compete for dominance. Each country has developed a unique way of defending against attacks. They are proud of their unique craftsmanship, and they have become obsessed with worship by taking weapons as beliefs. Everyone thinks that their own way of life is the only way to focus on spreading their policies to all other countries through the divine intervention declared by their leader or the known method of war. Other methods are called: "Archidons" of archers, "Swordwrath" of swordsmen, "Magikill" of wizards and "Speartons" of spears. The country you lead is called the "Medal Empire", and its rule is peace and teaching. Your people do not worship weapons like gods. So you become the target of military infiltration from neighboring countries. Your only defensive time is to attack first and acquire their skills in the process of conquering various countries.

Stick War: Legacy Mod  APK

How to play
First of all, there are three modes:classic mode, tournament mode, and endless zombie mode. The gameplay of the classic mode is like a tutorial for beginners. In the first two levels, I will tell you how to use these stickmen. In the last level of the classic mode It’s the level of the battle against the giants. Some people may not know how to fight it. First, you can use the two hundred gold to get two swordsmen, and the remaining gold to get a few miners, and then wait for the miners to get the gold. When you can get a swordsman, you can get a few more. It is recommended to get 12. (In the early stage, it is best to get the swordsman to the full level.) By the way, you have to buy two to three enhanced swordsmen in the store. Potion, don't be so strenuous when hitting people like this. When you can get archers, you can get two rows, or you can get two more mines. Then the second wave of enemies came, killed some swordsmen, and then got a mage. Don't use long-haired soldiers. In the end, try to get as many giants 2 to 3 as possible, and the gold must be kept within 6000 to 8000 gold. Because it takes a lot of gold to fight the final boss. When it's time to fight the boss, you use the potion to strengthen the swordsman so that you can defeat it. (Giant must be at full level) (Archer must be at full level) Championship mode is to fight until the championship, but in the finals, you must use that charge mode or you can't kill their miners.I have worked on this issue for several days. After killing their miners, you can make more swordsmen. (The first 500 gold must be a swordsman.) After you get to 16, you can just use an archer to make a row. Because if you kill all of their miners, there will be no gold, and they can't make soldiers. After your swordsman has a row of 16 archers, you will rush directly. In this way, you can directly win the championship. You can get a new star to unlock the avatar when you hit the champion. The avatar can increase the power of your stickman. The endless zombie mode is to resist waves of zombies and stickmen. This depends on your performance. There is no strategy for this. (○’ω’○)(○’ω’○)(If you have gone through the classic mode, this mode is much simpler, it’s not a problem to hit 15 waves.

Stick War: Legacy Mod  APK

About Stick War: Legacy Mod
When you play the game Stick War: Legacy, you need to get enough gems to buy some of useful tool to help you win the game. However, most of players are lack of gems. Them cannot earn many gems easily on this game. Now, download the Stick War: Legacy Mod. You will get a lot of gems for free. Then you can free to buy all the items on the shop. You can buy items even if the money is not enough. Stick War: Legacy Mod is really helpful if you want to play the game Stick War: Legacy in quickly peace. Download and install the mod game Stick War: Legacy Mod!

Информация о моде
May 31, 2021 13:57:23 2021.14 Updated to menu MOD, built-in 5 button functions as follows: Infinite diamond 2. Turn on the box for free 3. God mode 4. Gold coins + 1000- will refresh the value after use 5. Click Victory
Одна из самых популярных и высокорейтинговых веб-игр всех времен теперь доступна для мобильных устройств!

Играйте в игру Stick War, одну из самых масштабных, веселых, сложных и увлекательных игр с фигурками. Управляйте своей армией в боевом порядке или играйте каждым отрядом, вы полностью контролируете каждого человечка. Создавайте формирования, добывайте золото, изучайте путь Меча, Копья, Лучника, Мага и даже Гиганта. Уничтожьте статую врага и захватите все территории!

Новые функции:
● Режим миссий: новые уровни выходят каждую пятницу! - Соблюдать порядок будет непросто.
● Карта в стиле саги с множеством наград.
● Разблокируйте короны для каждого уровня сложности, нормального, сложного и безумного!
● Вас ждет множество новых режимов игры - "Победа до заката", "Тройное забаррикадированное золото", "Бой насмерть", "Передовая статуя", "против Мини-боссов" и многое другое!
● Стрелы теперь попадают во все подразделения, плюс новые улучшенные эффекты крови и анимации урона.
● Улучшенное построение подразделений и нацеливание лука Арчидона.

Основные функции:
● Классическая кампания - "Рождение империи Порядка". Теперь с 6 бонусными уровнями.
● Режим выживания зомби "Бесконечные мертвецы"! Сколько ночей ты продержишься?
● Режим турнира! Сразитесь с десятками соперников ИИ, чтобы выиграть «Корону Инаморты»!
● Скины теперь доступны для всех персонажей! Разблокируйте мощное оружие и броню, каждая из которых имеет свои уникальные особенности!

В мире под названием Инаморта вы окружены дискриминирующими нациями, приверженными технологиям своих наций и борьбе за господство. Каждая нация разработала свой уникальный способ защиты и нападения. Гордясь своим уникальным ремеслом, они стали одержимы до поклонения, превратив оружие в религию. Каждый считает, что их образ жизни - единственный путь, и стремятся обучить своим правилам все другие нации посредством того, что их лидеры называют божественным вмешательством или, как большинство говорят, войной.

Остальные известны как «Арчидоны», «Гнев Меча», «Мэджикилл» и «Копьеносцы».

Вы - лидер нации под названием «Порядок», ваш путь - мир и знание, ваш народ не поклоняется своему оружию как богам. Из-за этого соседние нации хотят заслать к вам агента. Ваш единственный шанс защититься - атаковать первым и по пути захватить технологии от каждой нации.
Что нового
  • Новые скины нежира, добавляемые для всех подразделений!
    Единицы, которые умирают носить скины нежира, порождают как мертвые.
    пользователь, контролируемый последний удар, убивает порождение назад как мертвых и преобразует в вашу команду.
    Бесконечные мертвы сейчас имеют 3 трудностей!
    Новые и обновленные миссии!

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