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Traffic Racer Russian Village Mod APK 0.73 [Бесконечные деньги]

разработчик:Sad City 17


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Traffic Racer Russian Village is an original and dynamic racing game that will certainly interest fans of this genre. In the game, races take place at locations that fully reproduce the atmosphere of provincial Russian cities and villages. The developers have created a full-fledged virtual environment with well-detailed scenery. The participant will drive along different roads, work out control skills and enjoy realistic gameplay.

Checkers in the City - This is a Soviet and Russian race, overtaking cars, drifting, crashing and a lot about cars simulator. Russian Drift is available. Drift in Russian cars and Imported Cars like Japan, German.

In the Traffic Racer Russian Village game for android, initially the participant will have at his disposal only the VAZ-2107, on which he will pass the first tests. Over time, the user will accumulate enough money and be able to buy another car. The developers have added more than 40 Russian and imported models with unique characteristics to the project. Among them there are various modifications of VAZ, UAZ, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet and other options. Each car can be repainted and improved in design.

The races have different modes with unique passing mechanics. The gamer can freely ride on the roads and admire the surroundings or take part in dynamic time trials. There is a function to switch the time of day and change the weather, which allows you to practice driving in more difficult conditions. The camera displays the surrounding space from several angles. The player will see urban five-story buildings, village houses, stops and other objects.

Features of the game Traffic Racer Russian Village
More than 40 models of cars.
Possibility of customization.
Detailed locations.
Switching the camera view.
Various control methods.

Enjoy at realistic Russian environment with Russian and Foreign Cars.
Что нового
  • - Added Zil and Lambo.
    - Reduced ads many times.
    - Made the camera realistic.
    - Fixed some bugs.

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