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Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer Mod APK 1.3.4 [Оплачивается бесплатно][Заплатанный]



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Информация о моде
Other Tube ad skipping apps take more than 5 seconds to skip, but our app instantly skips within 1 second using our unique method.

Do you find it troublesome to change the playback speed in video apps?
This app is an auxiliary app that automates the troublesome control of changing the playback speed in video apps, allowing you to do so with a single tap.
Experience the comfort of easily being able to change the playback speed.
Video Speed Controller Pro will help you streamline watching videos and save your time.

* This app does not provide any unique playback speed, e.g., 4x playback.

The video speed controller Pro automatically performs playback speed change operations for video apps like the Tube app.

This app allows you to easily change the playback speed of videos.

【How to use】
1. Play the video on Tube app.
2. Swipe from the left edge of the screen to activate the controller.
3. Selecting the playback speed will instantly and automatically perform the change operation.

► Save time watching videos.
► You can use your time more efficiently.

【What to automate】
- Playback speed
- Highest quality
- Close the video
- Skip ads

This app uses accessibility service.
This is used to automatically perform the operation of changing the playback speed.
No data will be collected, stored, or transmitted in any way.
Что нового
  • - Some minor improvements.

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